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The K.I.S Story

How it started…from the founder…

I needed a Plan B, that’s how K.I.S started.  The business world was going down the toilet and the boom of Dubai was quickly starting to look like bust. I left Middle Eastern shores for a Christmas break in 2008 and knew I’d better come back with a plan in my back pocket ‘just incase’ I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. But I was. I left in 2009. 

I've spent many fabulous years and still take great pleasure in working in the luxury spa and wellness industry, I love everything about it. Everything. At the same time, it has become more and more obvious to me that the best in health and wellness is reserved for the bigger wallets amongst us. When the differences are material, like an insatiable desire for a designer bag when an M&S version is all that’s affordable, it’s a bummer. But when the gap relates to quality of life, to happiness, to physical and mental health and knowing how and where to get the best help, its a lot more emotive and sometimes critical. 

What I sought was the ability to close the gap.  I wanted to inspire and reveal the brilliance of true wellness to more people. For me wellness is a state of mind. It is an approach to living that enhances the quality of your life and has a connection with the real issues of the day. 

Anything worth having is a bit of a street fight, an expedition through all weathers until you get there…but 'there' can be difficult to define. Life has a wily little way about it that will feed and enrich you and have you striving for more.

From one street fighter to another, it is my mission and my delight to introduce you to the clarity of how complete wellbeing feels.  A delicious, contented, in the moment place to be, the ultimate feel good drug with no side affects.  Imagine training for a 10k race or learning something new. You teach yourself to do it and once you know you can, repeating it gets easier because you start to love the feeling and you already know the way. Your own personal ‘high note’ soars ever upward, feeling amazing becomes your new norm, people comment on how great you look, they want a bit of what you've got. They can. It’s there for the taking. 

I’m privileged to know and work with some incredibly talented, like minded people. Doctors, practitioners, coaches, trainers and food specialists. All of them have inspired and fuelled my passion.  They share my vision of delivering affordable, accessible high quality wellness.  We talked, and we worked and we all got excited…and K.I.S Lifestyle was born.

The campfire revolution, what happened next...

When we were creating K.I.S Lifestyle, getting back to the basics was at its very core. That and enjoying the simple pleasure life brings. 

When you indulge in life's simple pleasures, there is an effortless beauty. Very often, certainly for us, the best thoughts, ideas and sense of what is right also came to us. My home is right on the beach so campfires and late, thought evoking nights have been welcome inspiration. The campfire basics have fuelled and crafted our thoughts toward the absolute necessity of 'Keep It Simple'. Why complicate it? This basic philosophy is one we constantly anchor to and always return to, it keeps it real.

Like many exciting new things, the creation of K.I.S Lifestyle was born from a simple but very clear reality check. We don't have the monopoly on tough times, but we know with certainty that the old adage 'it isn't what happens to you but how you deal with it' is right on the button.

It all boiled down to the things that matter most to us and having the guts to put a stake in the ground to deliver. That's the hard part. Do you pursue the things that inspire passion within you, or do you allow yourself to be distracted by easier, yet less satisfying, routes?

“If having everything you ever wanted meant giving up everything you've ever achieved, would you still do it?”

So, would you? It isn't an easy question. You may read it and dismissively say, of course! Not so fast. The more you think about this question, the deeper you're forced to consider what it is you truly want. And, equally, what you may have to give up to get it.

K.I.S Lifestyle was born from a deep seated passion for the pursuance of total wellness. Not only on a personal level but a genuine desire to encourage others to make a difference in their own lives.

We pursue this through the teaching of good habits and the inspiration that often provides a tipping point to clearly see both the route to feeling great and, even better, your super highway to a whole new landscape of how to live your life. It sounds pretty serious and it is, but it's also an exciting and empowering chapter for you to discover how amazing you're capable of feeling.

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